News about Comics for Mac OS X

desc_left Search your superheroes with the new Web Search feature and
organize your comics collection with Mac OS X
new Comics 2
Completely new and affordable
  sidebar Sidebar
Little info viewer in a click
search Search
Retrieve fastly, easily
  cover_preview Cover preview
Zoom and export features
mark Mark
What's important for you
  websearch WebSearch
The web is not so far
fields Massive comic informations
more than 33 fields to fill
  rating Rating
Rate your favourites
more Other features...
Discover all the other features of Comics 2
Download it! Comics 2.0.11 (668Kb - 1st February 2011)
Mac OS X v10.3.9
WebSearch requires Internet
WebSearch result limited in trial version
+ A large collection of comics
Universal Ready!
Comics is a shareware application at the low price of $14.95. Buy it now!